Become The Healthiest Version of Yourself


if you hate working out alone...

Join HOP Fitness and take our group classes. You'll get expert coaching in a fun and supportive environment!

why choose our functional fitness classes?


Excellent coaching

Our expert coaches provide training guidance while ensuring everyone prioritizes safety.

loads of fun

A fun workout that doesn't "feel" like a workout. Make going to the gym something you can look forward to and not something you dread.

building community

When you workout in a group, you have a built-in network of accountability partners to help you when the training gets tough.


1. Join our foundations program to learn all the fundamental movements & build a solid base prior to joining. 

Work 1-on-1 or in a small group with a coach through our foundations program to ensure you are familiar with all the movements and perform them safely.

2. Once completed, your coach will help you get started with our app and you can join our functional fitness classes.

3. Show up to class and have loads of fun in our supportive group environment. 

Group Class Monthly Membership: 


*all rates below include HST 

4 sessions per month $60

8 sessions per month $110

10 sessions per month $130

12 sessions per month $150

16 sessions per month $180


10 class punchcard (no expiry) $160 

Drop-in $18

Class Schedule