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group fitness classes

if you hate working out alone...

Join HOP Fitness and take our group classes. You'll get expert coaching in a fun and supportive environment!

Core Fitness

why choose hop fitness group classes?

Professional coaches with experience working with people just like you! No matter your fitness level, we can help you with our personalized training programs.

State-of-the-art workout equipment in a clean, comfortable environment. We have everything you need to achieve a better body and a better state of mind.

Flexible class scheduling to ensure every member of the group has access to the wealth of fitness solutions we provide.

A welcoming community of fitness enthusiast ready to work with you and help you meet your goals.

Workout Lesson

what to expect

expert coaching

Our expert coaches provide training guidance while ensuring everyone prioritizes safety.

loads of fun

A fun workout doesn't "feel" like a workout. Make going to the gym something you can look forward to and not something you dread.

building community

When you workout in a group, you have a built-in network of accountability partners to help you when the training gets tough.

getting started



Work 1-on-1 with a coach through our  foundations program to ensure you are familiar with all the movements and perform them safely.


Your coach will help you get started with our app and you can join our group fitness classes!

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