Nutrition Coaching

Become more confident in your skin with our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program!

why do you need a nutrition coach?

There are 168 hours in a week. Most people spend less than 3% of their time in the gym. The reality is that only working out will typically not result in weight loss.


For most people, they key to reaching their weight loss goals is controlling their eating habits outside of the gym. 

Our nutrition program can help you overhaul your lifestyle and get you results much faster than training alone.

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what's included:

total focus

on you!

Regular check-ins with your nutrition coach for added accountability. 

customized plan

Custom habits & goals created with you & your coach along with a nutrition handbook including a meal plan.

flexible scheduling

At HOP Fitness, you work out on your time. We understand that you are busy and your time is valuable. We offer a wide range of days and times that will suit you best!

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